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David Estévez

Applied Scientist working on Image Generation at Canva Vienna.

I have a Ph.D in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence from the University Carlos III of Madrid, where I taught a humanoid robot to perform laundry tasks such as ironing or folding garments. Briefly after that, de Propios introduced me to AI art and the intersection between Art and Technology, and I passionately began to learn about image generation.

Through our collaboration I experimented with GANs, Neural Artificial Automata and other techniques. I eventually ended up working for Kaleido, now part of Canva, and there I experienced this Image Synthesis explosion: diffusion models, DALL·E, Stable Diffusion... all of it.

In my own time, I still try to find some time to make art that explores creativity in artificial systems, finding ways to limit and break these systems to force them to generate visually unique and perceptually ambiguous imagery.


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