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Electronics Engineer with a M.Sc in Robotics. I am currently working on my Ph.D at University Carlos III of Madrid, researching about garment perception and manipulation applied to robotics (i.e. teaching a robot how to do the laundry). My research interests are Computer Vision, Robotics, and Mixed Reality applied to robots.


A place to share stories, technical posts, or very much anything that might occur to me. Currently only in Spanish, though I'd like to offer an English version in the future.

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Arduino Day Zaragoza 2018

El pasado 6 de Abril asistimos al Arduino Day Zaragoza 2018. Pablo nos invitó a JorFru y a mi a dar un taller de Drawdio durante el evento. Junto a nosotros viajaron otros tantos makers madrileños que...

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Ejes de coordenadas impresos en 3D

Este curso he comenzado a impartir clases de robótica industrial en la universidad como parte de mi doctorado. Una de los primeros conceptos que se enseñan en esta asignatura es el de sistema de coordenadas, puntos y orientaciones en esos...

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A section devoted to sharing information and resources related with my research in the field of robotics.

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Garment Perception and Manipulation

When robots do laundry.

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Modular Robots

When robots are made of robots.

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This section contains my personal hobby projects, including the projects I contribute to in ASROB and UC3Music.

Personal Projects

Projects I make in my spare time for fun.

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Projects at ASROB

Projects I contribute to in the UC3M Robotics Society (ASROB).

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Projects at UC3Music

Projects I contribute to in the UC3M Music and Engineering Society (UC3Music).

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This section contains tutorials for several topics that I made for the future me, but could be useful for other people too.

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Creating a PySide GUI application.

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The Git, the Bad and the Ugly

Git for beginners (Spanish only).

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