Polytuna tuner pedal
Detail of the Polytuna pedal
Working Polytuna with LCD screen


2018, Polyphonic guitar tuner pedal

PolyTuna is a DIY polyphonic guitar tuner pedal based on the Polytune pedal. With it you can check the tuning of all the strings with a single strum, saving you time when you need it most. Very useful for playing live!

This work was developed by my student Sergio Sánchez as his Bachelor’s Thesis, with me as his advisor. The thesis, in Spanish, can be downloaded form here.

After the first working prototype was completed, we kept on working on putting all the required elements on a PCB prototype, to be able to place the tuner in a pedal enclosure to have something robust than can actually be used in concerts. Currently the work is focused on improving the display software capabilities to ensure it’s easily readable.