Shiva drumkit prototype


2018, MIDI Electronic Drumkit

Shiva is a DIY MIDI electronic drumkit based on the Korg CLIPHIT. Using some piezoeletric sensors, it can detect when you hit an object and play the corresponding MIDI notes over USB or MIDI connector. Standard guitar tuner clips, which are readily available, can be usedas piezoelectric sensors. These sensors can be attached to different objects, allowing the board to detect when the object has been hit, so you can make a drumkit out of almost any object. In addition to guitar tuner clips, the sensors inside a commercial drumkit can also be used with Shiva.

Shiva is still a work in progress, and the lastest version of the hardware includes a USB port (that is recognized as a MIDI device on the computer) as well as a standard MIDI OUT connector, and 8 jack connectors for the piezoelectric sensors. For the user interface, 8 LEDs and a 4-way joystick are used.